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Roller Door Repairs Melbourne offers same day emergency service to all areas in Melbourne therefore allowing for your business to be secured as soon as possible.


Common repairs and issues that you may face which Roller Door Repairs Melbourne handle on a daily basis include:



Repairs, including replacement slats and curtains, to all types of slat profile are available.


Doors jammed due to lack of maintenance

Damage due to natural wear and tear

Doors damaged due to vehicle impact

Burnt motors

Broken gearboxes



Roller Door Repairs Melbourne can service your door's on a continuous basis with an agreement to attend to site at intervals through out the year, you don't even have to worry about contacting us as our system will alert us when your service is due.

Servicing your door regularly not only keeps your door running quietly and smoothly, it enables our technicians to pick up on smaller details which if left un checked could be a catastrophe and potentially become a hazard to all who pass under its opening.


Paul Lewis-Hamilton


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