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Don't get stuck in the rain again, install a new state of the art remote control operator to your roller door today. With keyless entry its as simple as point and click to open the garage door keeping you completely dry from those heavy downfalls. Your safety and security are also increased with a motorised roller door as you don't have to leave the safety of your car until the door is safely closed behind you.


Roller Door Repairs offers emergency and same day garage door opener repair service in Melbourne's inner and outer suburbs. Having a malfunctioning garage door opener is a great inconvenience and a security concern as well.


Our expert technicians are trained to diagnose garage door opener problems for all major brands and models. They have the ability to fix most operators and if they cant, its a free quote to replace or repair, so no cost to you for our call to site.


At Roller Door Repairs Melbourne, we urge garage door owners not to use the garage door while there is an issue with the garage door opener or the door as this will be a safety risk. The garage door itself is often very heavy and will cause serious damage and injury if handled by a non-professional.


Roller Door Repairs Melbourne is committed to your safety. We will provide you with an estimate and arrive at your home or location for the service/repairs on the same day or by appointment as requested.



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